URB 02 – Text, Rhytm, Rhyme

Kolmannen urbaanin kulttuurin ja taiteen festivaalin ohjelmassa oli mm. katutanssia, urbaania sanataidetta sekä subURB-kursseja.

  • 29.7.–11.8.2002

Urban phenomenas indicate the changes that our culture takes place. City generates its own rhythms; the reality is the ever-changing and full of possibilities. URB 02 festival of the word urban art forms: slang, the cell phone poetry and performance poetry. Dance was seen by international visitors Benji Reid and Cie Olympic Starz and domestic groups’ premieres. Earlier at spring subURB offered for youth opportunities to work in Do-It-Yourself workshops and projects and subURB culminated to URB festival as performances and exhibitions.

URB 02 festival had first time own magazine and website.

URB 02 program: Modern love (UK), Benji Reid (UK), Cie Olympic Starz (FRA), moves per minute (SWE), Inertia (JPN), Suburb Brothers, Garam, Ahoniemi and friends, Indictus Company, Flow-Mo, d ‘ Maestre / Individual / Roope K / Jani Tolin, Ninde, Lisa & Jasmine, Wartecs, Rockin ‘da North: Kahuna, buzz club, up the spout, suburb of exhibitions, Rakkausriimiskaba.