Kiasma Kids

You and your children are warmly welcomed to visit Kiasma! Contemporary art is full of exciting things for visitors of all ages. Here we list hints for how to make a child-oriented visit a success.

Exhibitions in Kiasma are suitable for viewing with children

Exhibitions at Kiasma can be visited by children and adults together. Some of the artworks may seem dramatic, and not all works are necessarily suitable for viewing by young children. Nevertheless, every exhibition has art that is suitable for young viewers. Our staff will be happy to help you.

Current exhibitions

Emma Jääskeläinen has created playful sculptures that can be viewed in the lobby and on the 2nd floor balcony. They are perfect for viewing with children. Please do not touch the works!

Liisa Lounila’s exhibition Shadow Zone consists of videos, sound works and assemblages. They are fun to explore with children!

Mad Love – Seppo Fränti Collection consists of paintings and drawings from the collection of the Helsinki-based collector.

Mika Vainio’s exhibition 50 Hz consists of sound installations that are suitable for children and adults alike.

Doug Aitken’s exhibition I Only Have Eyes for You includes a large music-video work along with light boxes and a sculpture. Some of the artworks on display are quite fragile. Please do not touch the works or the screen.

Services for visitors with children

Kiasma has the following services on the ground floor:

  • Pram parking under the ramp in the foyer.
  • Baby care room located next to the cloakroom
  • A microwave oven in Kiasma Café that you can use to heat up baby food when you visit the café

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I breastfeed my baby?

We ask you not to eat, drink or breastfeed in the galleries.

You’ll find peaceful places for breastfeeding on the 1st floor and on the landings between the galleries. Our staff will be happy to help you. The baby care room next to the cloakroom is provided specifically for breastfeeding and caring for babies.

Do you have snacks or a lunch with you? Ask our staff for a suitable place for eating.

Can I take my pram to the galleries?

It is permissible to visit exhibitions with a prams or pushchair. The cloakroom has pushchairs that you can borrow. The pram parking is located under the ramp in the foyer.

Note: Kiasma Café has limited room for baby prams. Our staff will be happy to help you.

Why is it forbidden to touch the works?

Touching a work of art just once may not seem like much, but even clean hands carry oils that will damage the works over time. Please move calmly in the museum and keep a safe distance of about one foot (a couple of dozen centimetres) from the works. This way the works will remain intact to be enjoyed by all for many years.