Guided tours

Discover new perspectives and the stories behind contemporary art! Join a public guided tour or book a private tour for your group.

Public guided tours

Kiasma organises guided tours of the current exhibitions that come with the price of admission or for a separate fee.

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Guided mini tour just for yourself or with friends

Give yourself a deeper art experience with a 20-minute guided tour of the ARS22 exhibition. The tour covers background information on the themes of the show and recommendations for an independent tour. The mini tour can be tailored to your needs. You can take the tour alone or together with friends. The tour is suitable for all ages.

You can buy a guided mini tour at the info desk whenever a guide is free. No advance booking.

Duration: 20 minutes.
Group size: 1–10 persons.
Price: €35 + admission fees. €30 with a Museum Card.
Languages: Finnish and English.

Book a guided tour for your group

A guided tour of Kiasma is a wonderful occasion for meeting up with friends or for a recreational day for your office or workplace.

Inform us of your wishes or choose a ready-made tour from the list below. We can tailor tours to your needs.

Finnish National Gallery service sales
tel.: 0294 500 500 (Mon–Fri, 10–14)

Kiasma tour

The very best of Kiasma! The tour covers highlights of current exhibitions and the museum building. See and learn about the hottest aspects of Kiasma right now.

Duration: about 1 hour.
Group size: 1–20 persons / group.
Price: €95 / group + admission fees.
Languages: Finnish, English and Russian.

Visit ARS22 virtually

Visit the ARS22 exhibition virtually! A 45-minute online presentation brings the art experience to your living room or office. A guide from Kiasma will showcase a selection of the featured works and artist with pictures and videos. You will learn how the works were created and hear about the history of the ARS exhibitions. The guide will be there for you and your group. The presentation serves as a good prologue to an in-person visit to the exhibition.

The online presentation is conducted on the Teams platform.

Duration: 45 min.
Group size: max 150 persons / group.
Price: €95 / 20 persons.
Languages: Finnish and English.

Architecture tour

Kiasma is a fascinating architectural destination, with no end to the building’s grand lines and unique details, which always reveal new surprises. Why was architect Steven Holl’s museum so hotly debated when it was built? What treasures does it hold? Explore Kiasma and its story with a guide!

Duration: about 1 hour.
Group size: 1–20 persons / group.
Price: €95 / group + admission fees.
Languages: Finnish, English and Russian.