About Kiasma

Kiasma is a museum of contemporary art situated in the heart of Helsinki. It is part of the Finnish National Gallery. Kiasma showcases and collects the art of our time – the very latest artist productions. In addition to exhibitions, Kiasma organises performances and events.


Kiasma offers interesting encounters with art and new perspectives on life. It is a place where people meet art and where everyone is welcome.

We want everyone to feel safe in Kiasma.

In Kiasma,

  • other people are treated in a considerate manner.
  • everyone is allowed to be who they are.
  • all kinds of bullying, harassment, and discrimination are forbidden.
  • the staff is there for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help or advice.

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What does the word Kiasma mean?

The name of the museum comes from the Greek chiasma, meaning “crossing”. The word denotes the crossing of nerves or ligaments, as well as the way chromosomes twist together. The name reflects the museum’s mission: Kiasma is a place for crossings and perspectives of the most varied kind.

Architect Steven Holl’s winning entry in the design competition for the museum was named Chiasma, and the idea of crossing is evident everywhere in the building’s architecture.

Kiasma Theatre

Kiasma Theatre, on the first floor of the museum, is a stage for all kinds of performances. Its programme consists of topical performances and live art productions that are coordinated with current exhibitions in the museum. Comprising experimental works of both Finnish and international performance art, the programme also includes films and installations. Kiasma Theatre collaborates with several festivals and other players in the field of performance art. One of the programme highlights is the URB Festival organised every summer. The Performance_now series presents various new manifestations of performance art every year.

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Kiasma Library

Kiasma Library stocks literature on Finnish contemporary art, international trends and theory of contemporary art, as well as books showcasing artists featured in the museum’s collections. The library also has a wide range of art journals and workstations for researchers.

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Kiasma actively collaborates with artists, the public, cultural players and businesses. We believe that by pooling our skills and resources, we can create unforgettable art. Our partners include many Finnish and international art museums, foundations and cultural bodies, urban events, festivals, societies and communities.

Our exhibitions, publications and acquisitions are supported by the Kiasma Support Foundation.

Corporate partnerships are an important part of our strategy. Our current partners are Clear Channel, Dagmar, Genelec and Tikkurila.

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