URB 03 – Urban Art, Free Style

URB 03 nosti estradille urbaanit taiteet kansainvälisen kaupunkitapahtuman muodossa.

  • 30.7.–10.8.2003

The festival main guest for 2003 was the Belgian dance group Hush Hush Hush, which combines hip hop, break dance, capoeira, flamenco, acrobatics and contemporary dance. Choreographer Abdelaiziz Sarrokh has gathered together a heterogeneous group of dancers and developed his own choreographic Esperanto. Bobo in Paradise shows people who put up no façade, but want to create a little piece of paradise on earth. subURB started in the spring with free workshops for 13-18-year-olds. Workshops included: break dance, painting, photography, theatre, VJ- and streaming-workshops.

URB 03 program: Hush Hush Hush (BEL), Robert Hylton (UK), Flexadea (DK, FIN), Flow Mo, Freeze (SWE), d’Maestre, Indictus Company, URB03 concerts, New Young Europeans -exhibitions, Wor(l)d Express: Scorpio The Nemesis (UK) and Tomi Kontio, Murmurrecordings, URB 03 films: Danny Hoch (USA), d’Maestre.