Workshop / Marja Skaffari: Extacy

A workshop of vocal and physical improvisation working with the imitation of spiritual extatism.

  • 13.10.2020 at 17–19
Seminar room
Tickets: free admission

Workshop info

Free admission, obligatory enrollment here.

Duration: 1,5–2 hours
Language: Finnish, English if needed

The participants are asked to have a yoga mat / mattress if possible. Max. 15 participants.

About the workshop

As inspiration, we use documentation of historical female mystics and their religious experiences.
What kind of information can arise from the imitated movement or voice despite our own beliefs or views of the world? What does the body do when we allow it to move and sound without our own interference?

The Workshop leader

Marja Skaffari is a performing artist and voice instructor specially interested in voice improvisation and the performative possibilities of the voice. For Skaffari, sound is a tool of the soul. She has been studying sound techniques i.a. at Centre Artistique International Roy Hart in France.

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