ARS22: A Lesson in Empathy

Designed to help participants put themselves in the position of non-human organisms, the workshop includes a discussion around stories written by artist Eva Koťátková.

  • 1.6.2022 at 17.30–18.15
  • 1.6.2022 at 18.30–19.15
  • 8.6.2022 at 17.30–18.15
  • 11.6.2022 at 12–12.45
  • 11.6.2022 at 13–13.45
  • 15.6.2022 at 17.30–18.15
  • All dates
in Finnish
Eva Koťátková’s work is located on the 3rd floor of Kiasma (we will meet in the museum lobby).
Tickets: 3 €
Note! You'll need a museum ticket to participate.

Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Iisa Smeds.

What is it about?

Artist Eva Koťátková’s work in ARS22 in an exploration of empathy and interspecies relations. Lesson in Empathy is a 45-minute workshop conducted in the same gallery as Koťátková’s work. It is designed to evoke empathy with non-human organisms, and it includes a discussion around stories written by the artist. What does it feel like to be a fish on dry land? What can a bush be thinking when it is taken to the market? The stories covered in the workshop change every week.

A Lesson in Empathy is recommended for children over 12 years old. The workshop language is Finnish.

One workshop accommodates up to 15 people.