URB17: Biniyam. Photo: Simo Karisalo

URB festival

URB is an annual street art and culture festival that presents the influence of ever-changing street art and youth culture on different forms of contemporary art. The festival, founded in year 2000, is produced by Kiasma Theatre.

What’s URB?

URB makes space for incompleteness, enables experiment and connects communities, artists and actors. The festival events spread out from the museum and the black box to various city spaces, asking to whom and on what terms street art can exist.

The festival program includes premieres by young Finnish artists, international guest performances as well as residencies, presentations, artist talks and workshops that illuminate the processes of creating art.



e-mail: urb@urb.fi

Jonna Strandberg, Senior producer / Kiasma Theatre

Sara Hirn, producer / BEPART EU-project
+358 (0)50 348 0782, sara.hirn@kiasma.fi

Yilin Ma, Producer / URB 23
+358 (0)40 524 2849

Sanni Pajula, Communication and tickets
+358(0)40 725 3819, sanni.pajula@kiasma.fi

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EU project: BE PART

URB festival is participating an EU Project BE PART – Art BEyond PARTicipation, a 4-year audience and organizational programme in the field of participatory art practices implemented by 10 EU and non-EU partners, supported by Creative Europe. The leading partner of the project is Santarcangelo dei Teatri in Italy, other participants are Artsadmin and Scottish Sculpture Workshop in the UK, Kunstencentrum Vooruit in Belgium, Homo Novus Festival in Latvia, Festival de Marseille – France, City of Women in Slovenia, L’art Rue in Tunisia, A Sense of Cork Mid-summer Arts Festival in Ireland.

Together the 10 partners will carry out a practical and critical exploration of new collaborative art-making. It goes beyond defining multiple communities as “participants”, proposing them instead as co-creators of the artistic processes together with artists, producers, curators, theoreticians, communities and public. The project aims to develop and spread a real artistic co-authorship and a real possibility of co-creating works of art through artistic residences, productions, meetings, workshops, scientific research and publications. The ultimate goal is to generate a real change, both in the artistic sector and in civil society, stimulating openness and inclusion, in an uncertain and divisive political, social and environmental context.

The project is being implemented during 2020-2024.

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