Ways of Seeing

A journey to the roots of power, the performance searches for connections between surveillance, racism and fear.

  • 18.6.2022 at 15–16.50
in English
Tickets: 25 € / 16 €
Tickets include admission to exhibitions on the same day of the performance.

Hanan Benammar, Ways of seeing, Black Box. Photo: Leif Gabrielsen.

About the play

Hanan B. has travelled from France to Norway only to discover that the agenda of Jean-Marie Le Pen and the National Front in France has taken root in the North as well. In Oslo, she meets Sara B, who fled Saddam Hussein’s war against the Kurds in the 1980s.  

In Ways of Seeing, Hanan Benammar, Sara Baban and Pia Maria Roll try to map networks that profits on the reinforcement of racism in Norwegian society. Who are the people in these networks, what do they want to achieve? 

When the play premiered in Oslo in 2019, it attracted a lot of attention and broadened the debate on racism in Norway. Although the work takes Norway as its starting point, it refers to global events such as the Algerian war of independence, current political figures in France, the conflict in Kurdistan, and social experiments in the autonomous region of Rojava in Syria. 

Ways of Seeing is a powerful demonstration of how art allows for experiments that can be used to examine urgent questions about the present.  

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The artists

Pia Maria Roll

Pia Maria Roll is a Norwegian theatre director. She has worked as an actor, director, scriptwriter and playwright. Roll is known in Norway for the performances Street Scene (2008), Over evne III (2010), Ship O’hoi (2012), Ses i min nästa pjäs (2015) and Nå løper vi! 

Hanan Benammar

Hanan Benammar (b. 1989) is an Algerian/French artist based in Oslo. She holds master’s degrees from the Oslo Academy of Art and from the Dutch Art Institute.  

Sara Baban

Sara Baban is an actress and singer. She has worked as an actor in the Norwegian touring theatre company Risteateret. In recent years, Baban has been on tour with the successful play Nå løper vi! She is currently pursuing a master’s degree at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo. 


The team

Performers: Sara Baban, Hanan Benammar, Ali Djabbary, Ketil Lund 
Concept: Pia Maria Roll, Marius von der Fehr 
Text: Sara Baban, Hanan Benammar, Ali Djabbary, Pia Maria Roll, Marius von der Fehr 
Direction: Pia Maria Roll 
Co-direction: Marius von der Fehr 
Dramaturgy: Kai Johnsen 
Scenography, costumes: Jennie Bringaker 
Music: Sara Baban, Hanan Benammar, Phonophani, Jon Platou Selvig 
Drawing, animation: Lotte Konow Lund 
Lighting design: Svein Inge Neergård 
Video: Sara Baban, Hanan Benammar, Pia Maria Roll, Marius von der Fehr, Line Lyngstadaas 
Text excerpts: Aimé Césaire, Frantz Fanon, Jean-Paul Sartre, and others 

In cooperation with

Black Box Teater.

Supported by 

Norsk Kulturfond and Dramatikkens hus. 

Location and accessibility

Kiasma Theatre is located on the first floor, at the opposite end of the building from the main doors. The theatre has no numbered seats. Jackets and bags can be left to Kiasma’s cloakroom for free.

The top level of Kiasma Theatre is accessible. We recommend to contact Kiasma’s info before if a place for a weelchair is needed.

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