The multiartistic performance deals with the themes of loss, abandonment, community and hope from the point of view of Sámi culture. The performance is part of Navigating North exhibition programme.

  • 24.2.–26.2.2023
1st floor, Kiasma Theatre, 1st floor
Tickets: € 25 / € 16
Performances at 24., 25. & 26.2. Performance hours shall be announced when the ticket sales opens.
Woman and a man with furry hats.

Photo: Janne Airaksinen


Viehâ is a gateway to a world whose folk do not disappear even when ceasing to be visible. At the centre of the multiartistic work is a united people, viehâ. Through light and sound, movement and narration, the immersive work draws out a world where layers of time randomly throw the people and where past and present meet.

In the performance, giving up, caring, longing, survival and hope alternate. Viehâ is the fleeting moments when a person experiences these feelings and has to make decisions that follows throughout the life. In the end, who can influence what remains and what disappears over time?

The performance brings to life the destinies of people who once lived, destinies that are even today repeated in slightly different forms. Viehâ paints a picture of the transformation of Sámi culture and way of life and the disarment of communities when facing the changing world and external pressure. However, with the strength of the mighty people, the hope and togetherness that surpasses everything is clearly drawn in the picture.

The performance was premiered at Rovaniemi Art Museum in 28.1.2022

The audience will be moving between different spaces in Kiasma during the performance.

Pictures of the performance

Working group

Direction and choreography: Auri Ahola
Performers: Titta Court, Unna Kitti, Ailu Valle, Auri Ahola, Panu Valo
Sound design: Tuomas Norvio
Lighting design: Jukka Huitila
Music: Tuomas Norvio ja Ailu Valle
Dramaturg: Elli Salo
Guides: Elli Salo, Aira Huovinen
Texts: Mikko Aikio (1837-1918) from the book of Inarinlappalaista kansantietoutta (by A.V. Koskimies & T. Itkonen), Auri Ahola (grandgrandgrandgrandchild of Mikko Aikio)
Archive materials: Jouni Aikio / Yle Sámi arkiiva / Yle Saamen arkisto
Photos: Janne Airaksinen, Jouni Porsanger
Production: Viehâ-työryhmä ja Kiasma-teatteri
In collaboration with: Rovaniemi art museum, Muhoksen Villa Oy