Unending love, or love dies, on repeat like it’s endless

Alex Baczynski-Jenkins’s new performance piece will be presented in Kiasma in September 2022.

  • 23.9.2022 at 16–18
  • 24.9.2022 at 16–18
1st floor, Seminar
Tickets: with a museum ticket

Alex Baczynski-Jenkins, (A Preface to) Unending love, or love dies, on repeat like it’s endless, 2021. Photo: Diana Pfammatter.

About the performance

In September 2021, Alex Baczynski-Jenkins won the ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art, presented by ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival. The artist will produce new work for the ANTI festival in Kuopio that will take place on 13-18.9.2022. The work will be seen at Kiasma after the festival.

During the performance, the audience can enter and leave the performance space freely.

Alex Baczynski-Jenkins

Alex Baczynski-Jenkins is a Polish-British performance artist and co-founder of the Kem collective based in Warsaw. Kem is an anti-racist, feminist queer community that explores choreography, performance and sound as part of social action.  

Baczynski-Jenkins’s performances are built of gestures and movements that are detailed, fragile, sharp and subtle. Often the result of extended development, the works are an antithesis to contemporary experience economy that is based on fleeting and easily digestible experiences. 

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