The Texture of Connection

A performance which is an interaction between different art forms.

  • 15.6.2023 at 17–17.45
in English
1st floor, Kiasma Theatre
Tickets: free admission

Photo: Yohannes Henriksson


A real time interdisciplinary conversation between movement, poetry and soundscape. The event is inspired by Hip Hop dance circles.

Working group

Hamis Ahmed, also known as “Hamis Zzy” is a movement artist, dancer and photographer based in Helsinki. His work focuses on movement and expression. Through movement, Hamis mirrors different forms of expression of the body and his surroundings.

S*and Henry-Smith is an artist, writer, and collaborative practitioner engaging Black experimentalism in and across poetry, photography, sound, and performance.

Sebastian Kurtén is a music producer, sound designer and dancer. His work is inspired by daily life, everyday objects, and sounds. Sebastian is interested in the process of turning something casual and recognisable into something unrecognisable and abstract.

Saskia Nartey-Wemegah is a club style dancer and movement artist with her main dance styles being house and waacking. Her artistic work focuses on honest expression and on interaction with her surroundings.

Yohannes Henriksson is a movement artist and photographer. Through his intuition driven artistic perspective, Yohannes explores expression, liminal spaces and abstractionism.

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