Re-make 2014 / Paula Tuovinen: Blondi

Blonde returns to Kiasma Theatre after 14 years

  • 3.9.–7.9.2014

Wed 3.9. 19:00
Fri 5.9. 19:00
Sun 7.9. 15:00

Blondness is associated with a great number of themes that touch on genetics, history and culture, all of which are explored in the Blonde dance solo.

”Blondie embraces references to pale skin as such, to the blonde woman or nudity in art, to woman as nature, a theme linked to my own, gradually ageing woman’s (mother’s) body, and to woman as a child. On the other hand, the blonde has not managed to put on pants… and it refers to our evolution from ape to human, more specifically from black to blonde”
(Excerpt from the choreographer’s letter to the composer,  9 December 1999)

What is the ridiculed dumb blonde made of? Why is blondeness regarded culturally desirable in many contexts? And what is the origin of blondness as a demeaning quality? Is the Blonde a product of nature or culture? The re-make of the solo dance introduces a new level to the work by asking: Where are the blonde’s reading glasses?

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Kiasma Theatre nominated seven performances as candidates for a re-make. The public was then invited to cast a vote which one to be realised. The winner was Blonde from 2000, one of dancer-choreographer Paula Tuovinen’s most famous works.

Paula Tuovinen was rector of the Theatre Academy 2005-2012 and is today the Vice-Rector of the University of the Arts.

Choreography / dance: Paula Tuovinen

Set design: Kimmo Takala
Composition: Lotta Wennäkoski
Lighting design: Mikko Hynninen