Monuments is a dance performance based on coming together and on the energy generated when bodies touch.

  • 19.5.2022 at 18–20
  • 20.5.2022 at 18–20
  • 21.5.2022 at 15–17
4th floor
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Anna Maria Häkkinen, Saara Töyrylä, Erno Aaltonen: Monuments. Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Pirje Mykkänen.

About the work

Monuments is a dance duet about touching. The power of touching arises from the bodily contact between the dancers and the energy it generates. 

Taking place on a small and soft stage. The work borrows the movement language of wrestling. The performers create momentary configurations that soon dissolve into something else. 

Only the most intense passages of the soundtrack are played in the performance. Movement is triggered by the loudness of the music. 

Viewing instructions 

You are free to enter and leave the venue as you like. You can also stay to watch the entire performance.  

NOTE! The performance includes some flashing lights.

The artists

Anna Maria Häkkinen

Anna Maria Häkkinen is a choreographer and performer based in Helsinki. In addition to collaboration, the key elements of her work include sensing of the body, touching, listening, as well as issues of presence and composition.  

Erno Aaltonen

Erno Aaltonen is a Helsinki-based lighting designer, scenographer and co-creator working in performing arts. His work is typically situated somewhere between what is being performed and the audience experience.   

Saara Töyrylä

Saara Töyrylä is a dancer and dance creator based in Helsinki. She has worked extensively in the field of performance art since 2006.  

Laura Haapakangas

Laura Haapakangas is a set and costume designer who has worked with performing arts and film since 2006. Haapakangas’ works evoke questions of power, and that which is natural and unnatural, as well as familiar and unknown.


The team

Team: Anna Maria Häkkinen, Saara Töyrylä and Erno Aaltonen 
Performers: Anna Maria Häkkinen and Saara Töyrylä 
Set, lighting and sound design: Erno Aaltonen 
Costume design: Laura Haapakangas
Production support for residency: Riikka Thitz 
Production: Ehkä-production 
Residences: Ehkä-production / Kutomo (Turku), Kunstencentrum BUDA (Kortrijk) and Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek (Brussels)

Supported by

Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Kone Foundation and Finnish Cultural Foundation.

In collaboration with

ESTHÉ, Beamhill

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