Moe Mustafa: Mascu – Fuck

A hybrid performance is using belly dance and multimodal forms to fuck around the hypermasculinity environment. The performance is part of Tom of Finland and Dreamy exhibition programme.

  • 15.8.2023 at 19–20
  • 17.8.2023 at 19–20
  • 18.8.2023 at 19–20
  • 19.8.2023 at 15–16
  • 20.8.2023 at 15–16
in English
1st floor, Kiasma Theatre
Tickets: paid
Includes admission to the exhibitions on the day of the performance

Photo: The Finnish National Gallery / Pirje Mykkänen


Mascu – Fuck is a performance in which Moe Mustafa defies masculinity by using belly dance inspired by Egyption female belly dancer such as Suhair Zaki and Samia Jamal. A series of monologues touch on growing up gay, rejection, the effect parents have on us and unsuccessful relationships. 

The performance is not recommended for audiences under 16-years-old.

Moe Mustafa

Moe Mustafa was born in Kuwait in 1985 to Palestinian parents, was brought up in Jordan. Currently based in Finland, Moe Mustafa is is a visual artist, performer, writer and composer – under the pseudonym Atheer Soot (أثير صوت). His work unfolds and contracts in multiple ways, exploring the role of memory, the impact of familial and societal violence, and hierarchy of sexual desirability. Brash and personal, it is as such a fight against deniability.


Concept, text, sound: Moe Mustafa 
Set & lighting design:  Julia Jäntti 
Costumes: Emmanuel Culkin Mugisha
Co-production: PALO Art Productions, Kiasma-teatteri 
Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Helsinki city, Kone saari residency 
Special thanks to: Maria Badji (music production), Mikko Kelloniemi (video production)