Massiveness and still life

IMPORTANT! The performance is cancelled. We are sorry for any inconvenience. We will contact the ticket holders.

  • 4.12.2020 at 19–20
  • 5.12.2020 at 15–16
  • 8.12.2020 at 19–20
  • 10.12.2020 at 15–16
  • 12.12.2020 at 15–16
  • 15.12.2020 at 19–20
1st floor, Kiasma Theatre
Tickets: 18/15 €

Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Petri Virtanen.

About the piece

The performance is cancelled.

Massiveness and still life is a hybrid work between the art disciplines. The work dives into the massiveness of art and dance traditions.

The working group explores relationship between light, sound, music, dance and language. In the work, choreography is seen as expanded and dynamic conditions.

The stage opens up as undulating and rolling terrain. The bodily knowledge of the performers and materials fumbles the moments before storytelling and sets out to create spaces and opportunities for uncontrollability. The work progresses with the histories of art and dance, waiting for its own disintegration.

Working group

Roope Gröndahl is a Finnish piano artist. The values ​​that are important to him as an artist are authenticity, enthusiasm and living in a unique musical moment. The same sincerity has been recently present when he has been speaking openly about his MS disease.

Tom Lönnqvist works with sound, spaces and performances. He is interested in the change we are facing as a society as the factors of the climate crisis. As a means of art, he finds the sound affecting the affective body interesting with its potential to bypass subjectivity.

Elli Salo is a playwright, dramaturgist and translator.

Anne Makkonen is an artist-researcher of the past and present dance, a multiprofessional in the field of dance and a instructor of the Feldenkrais method. She feels like home when the boundaries between different art forms and art and research are fragile, leaking to each other and when everything is being reorganized over and over again.

Sara Gurevitsch is a choreographer, to whom choreography emerges from connectivity and experiential nonverbal and verbal sharing, as well as on the observation of meanings in mycelial, interactive situations. Inspired by radical curiosity, she works in the field of dance and choreography.

Alexander Salvesen is a visual artist and lighting designer living in Helsinki. He works mainly with light, studying and wondering at its manifestations and properties using different techniques. His works often emphasize the interrelationships of color and form, and through his works he seeks to sensitize the experiencer’s senses and to stop at this work for reflection and discussion.

Salla Rytövuori graduated from the Uniarts, Theater Academy’s degree program in dance in 2017. She is a freelancer and works somewhere between dance and live arts. Her artistic work relies on exploring the movement in herself and the world around her.

Anton Vartiainen is a fashion and costume designer graduated from on Aalto University of Art, Design & Architecture.

Location and accessibility

Kiasma Theatre is located on the first floor, at the opposite end of the building from the main doors. The theatre has no numbered seats. Jackets and bags can be left to Kiasma’s cloakroom for free.

The top level of Kiasma Theatre is accessible. We recommend to contact Kiasma’s info before if a place for a weelchair is needed.

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