Maria Hyökyvaara & working group: Kissed by the Isness

The performance is based on the working group’s exploration of human consciousness through meditative approaches.

  • 19.10.–29.10.2019

The performance is based on the working group’s two-year journey among meditative methods and human consciousness.

Sat 19 Oct at 15:00
Tue 22 Oct at 15:00 + audience discussion after the performance
Wed 23 Oct at 18:00
Fri 25 Oct at 18:00
Sat 26 Oct at 15:00 + audience discussion after the performance
Tue 29 Oct at 15:00 – CANCELLED!
Kiasma Theatre

Open meditative sessions for the audience Wed 23 Oct & Fri 25 Oct at 15:30-16.15, no enrollment needed but a performance ticket is required for participation.

Tickets 16/13 (+1e service fee at the webstore)

Language the performance is multilingual
Duration approx. 2h 15min, including intermission
Recommended for people over 15 years old.

What is it to be? Not thinking about being or thinking about how to be. Simply be

Kissed by the Isness – working group has explored consciousness through the human body with meditative approaches for two years. Now this ‘exploration’ creates a space in Kiasma Theatre, where it is possible to breathe through a meditative moment, or moments, and experience the pulse of being, a vortex, where everything is equally possible or impossible.

Maria Hyökyvaara/Ma Deva Bhadra (b.1974) is a trained Drama Instructor, who has worked extensively with performance arts since 2004. Meditation and self-inquiry came at large into her life in 2013, while she was directing a play about narcissism. Since 2017 she has led bodily meditation retreats and encountered people privately.

Kissed by the Isness -working group

At the center of the work is the working group of eight people, of whom some are professional artists, but the group also has a nurse, soldier, family therapist, insurance expert and cargo assistant among it. Ages range from 35 to 60. What unites these people is their desire to get to know their true selves through the meditative approaches used in the process in a wide-ranging and unprejudiced manner.

On stage: Jaana Hummasti, Maria Hyökyvaara, Taru-Piritta Kallio, Anne  Käki, Kristiina Puukko, Susanna Suurla, Miika Tervo & Deva Vijay.

During the first year of the two-year process Heli Kärkkäinen, Salina Tyynelä, Eero Peltonen and Lari Ylönen were also involved in the work.

The special energy was transmitted to the process by over 200 people, whom the working group met at the open meditation retreats and Heart of Light –event at Kanneltalo, Helsinki in November 2018.

Here You Are theme year

The theme of the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma’s 2019 programme is goodness, with exhibitions and performances throughout the year exploring the ideas of giving, sharing, hospitality and encounters.

We will invite viewers to make art themselves and to experience first-hand its power to bring joy and inspiration. Goodness comes from action, and it thrives on sharing.