Liisa Saaremäel: SCREAM BOX

Tiny vocal chords are the main characters in this performance. The performance is part of Baltic Take Over programme.

  • 10.6.2023 at 16–17.30
1st floor, Kiasma Theatre
Tickets: 15 / 10 €


SCREAM BOX is setting focus on tiny vocal cords and big screams. Down the throat, there is a second pair of luscious lips. That might remind of third. Performance artist Liisa Saaremäel, in collaboration with musician Florian Wahl and visual artist Emer Värk, creates a performative space to explore peculiar ways of creating stimulation. The performance finds itself between fleshy and artificial, offering uneasy images that fiddle with the viewer’s perception by mixing documentary material and shameless fiction. An open mouth is just an image; moist chords do the work. Their slimy dance is small and quite repetitive – together, apart, together, apart. Like kids’ games or ferocious experiments between tireless lovers.

Some flashing lights are being used in the performance.

Liisa Saaremäel

(b. 1992) is an Estonian performance artist. Her artistic work and research focus on societal coexistence from the perspective of an individual, in which compressed tiny space is an essential poetic component. Working in a site-specific and inclusive way often inspires her projects and shapes the artistic outcome. She obtained an MA degree from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater in contemporary performing arts (CPPM) and works as a freelance artist. Latest works include site-specific productions “Tiny Home Production presents: LARGER-THAN-LIFE” (2021) in Paljassaare Garage Co-Operation and “Destination Unknown” (2022) in the Baltoscandal theatre festival.


Author, director, performer: Liisa Saaremäel
Sound artist, performer: Florian Wahl
Video artist, performer: Emer Värk
Light designer: Siim Reispass
Dramaturg: Maria Arusoo
Technical producer: Kristiina Tang
Project manager: Eneli Järs
Co-production: Liisa Saaremäel, Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia and co-produced by Kanuti gildi SAAL, Performance in Helsinki is supported by Estonian Ministry of Culture

Baltic Take Over

Baltic Take Over is a performing arts festival that presents 9 performances from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in Helsinki during 7 – 11 June 2023. The festival is co-curated by the New Theatre Institute of Latvia, Kanuti Gildi Saal (Estonia) and Lithuanian Dance Information Centre. Along with the URB festival, other partners of the Baltic Takeover in Helsinki are Annantalo, Viirus Theatre, Mad House Helsinki and with the help from Eskus, Takomo, Tanssin Talo, TINFO and Circus Dance Finland.

The Baltic Take Over is supported by the Baltic Culture Fund and The Nordic-Baltic NGO from the Office of Nordic Ministers Latvia.

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