Laura Cemin & Bianca Hisse: How the Land Lies

A performances for five bodies and three LED screens.

  • 14.4.2023 at 19–20
  • 15.4.2023 at 15–16
  • 20.4.2023 at 19–20
  • 21.4.2023 at 19–20
  • 22.4.2023 at 15–16
in English
1st floor, Kiasma Theatre
Tickets: 25 € / 15 €
Includes admission to exhibitions on the day of the performance.

Two dancers and a led-text screen.

Photo: Sofie Isaksson


This is a new land. A culturally rich land. A land of possibilities. 

How the Land Lies is a performance for 5 bodies and 3 LED scrolling signs. These LEDs, usually encountered in public spaces as low-key advertisement signs, become tools to address the politics of language. Navigating between tourism slogans and visa questionnaires the dancers, who themselves carry experiences of migration and displacement between countries; interact with the text scrolling on the LED panels. As the words move on the screens, the bodies equally move them. Borders slowly blur: who can stay and who must leave? Who is seen and who remains hidden? What is allowed and what is forbidden?

After the performance on Saturday 15 April will be a Q&A with the artists.


Bianca Hisse is a Brazilian artist based in Norway. Working across choreography and visual arts, her work investigates how today’s societies are choreographed by global demands. She graduated from Kunstakademiet i Tromsø in 2019 and has a BA in Performing Arts from Pontificia Universidade Catolica de São Paulo (2016).

Laura Cemin is an Italian artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Her work, often presented in galleries and non-traditional performance spaces, brings together elements of performance, writing and temporality with the intention of challenging the boundaries between dance and visual art. She graduated from Umeå Art Academy (SE) in 2019 and holds a degree in Ballet and Contemporary dance.

Working group

Supported by

Laura Cemin, Bianca Hisse, Mercedes Balarezo, Nassim Meki, Kairi Mändla, Keithy Kuuspu, Giorgia Lolli, Fornier Ortiz, Sofia Ivarsson, VeraVice, Aija Hannula.

Davvi – Senter for scenekunst, Frame Finland, Kulturdirektoratet, HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, Narva Art Residency, Nordic Culture Point, Norsk-Finsk kulturfond, Office for Contemporary Art Norway, City of Helsinki, Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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