Juha Valkeapää–Heidi Soidinsalo: Silent Death

How does death sound like? A performance by two sound artists is imagining the sounds of different deaths.

  • 29.11.–7.12.2019

A performance by two sound artists imagine the sound of different deaths.

Fri 29 Nov at 19:00
Sun 1 Dec at 15:00
Tue 3 Dec at 15:00
Wed 4 Dec at 19:00
Sat 7 Dec at 15:00 + discussion
Kiasma Theatre

Tickets 16/13e (+1e service fee at the webstore. The ticket includes admission to Kiasma’s exhibitions on the day of the performance. )

Duration approx. 1h
Language Finnish

Humans, animals, plants, languages, villages and factories make sounds. When tehy die, these sounds disappear.

In this sound performance by Juha Valkeapää and Heidi Soidinsalo, the artists are creating a sound interior to be played to the audience.

Concept & performance: Juha Valkeapää & Heidi Soidinsalo
Lights: Mika Haaranen
Co-production: W A U H A U S, Juha Valkeapään Ääni
Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland

About the artists

Juha Valkeapää is a Helsinki-based sound artist and performance maker. As an artist he is self-taught, and he has graduated as a Master of Arts from the Helsinki University, where he studied theatre research and Hungarian language. During his 25-year career Valkeapää has created, as a solo and as a member of a working group, performances, installations, radio works and sound landscapes that has been performed in festivals and theatres in Finland and abroad. Since 2014, Valkeapää has been part of the team of Mad House Helsinki.

Heidi Soidinsalo is a Helsinki-based sound designer, sound artist, and performance maker. Soidinsalo became a Master of Theater Arts in 2009. She has since worked actively as a sound designer in the field of contemporary theater and dance, as well as a musician, sound artist, dramaturge, and performer. Her work has been heard both in the Finnish National Theater’s stages and on the fringe of contemporary performance art. In 2013 Soidinsalo was awarded the prize for Best Sound Design of the Year in Finland for her work on Play Alter Native for Theater Viirus. Soidinsalo is part of the  W A U H A U S -collective. In addition to creating performances, Soidinsalo has broadened her work in the field by teaching and writing about sound design as an integral part of theatre as an art form.

The common history of Juha Valkeapää and Heidi Soidinsalo: the first Juha’s performance that Heidi saw was Silence (2007), and the first Heidi’s performance that Juha saw was a performance Heidi Klein (2012), which was a collaboration with Anni Klein. During the performance, Heidi changed her lastname from Lind to Soidinsalo. The first collaboration with Juha and Heidi was Private Dancer (2017) by W A U H A U S. They also teach at the sound design department in Uniarts, Helsinki.

Here You Are theme year

The theme of the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma’s 2019 programme is goodness, with exhibitions and performances throughout the year exploring the ideas of giving, sharing, hospitality and encounters.

We will invite viewers to make art themselves and to experience first-hand its power to bring joy and inspiration. Goodness comes from action, and it thrives on sharing.