Invisible dancing

Invisible Dancing uses wild imagination as the starting point for dance and performance. The work expands into a collective space of imagination that also embraces not-knowing.

  • 16.6.2022 at 18–19
  • 18.6.2022 at 13–14
  • 19.6.2022 at 15–16
4th floor
Tickets: with a museum ticket
Register at the lobby the same day before the performance. Seats are filled in order of arrival.

Mira Kautto, Roy Boswell, Ella Skoikka, Invisible dancing. Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Petri Virtanen.

About the performance

Invisible Dancing transforms the dance performance into a site of divergent thinking and being. During the performance, the performers imagine themselves to be invisible. This allows them to follow the body’s preferences and logic. The work takes place at the extreme limits of perception, in the depth of darkness. 

However, invisibility is always relative to the gaze of others. Invisible Dancing creates a sense of community in a space where the audience can free themselves from everyday demands by imagining the performance to be a parallel reality.  

The artists

Mira Kautto

Mira Kautto is a dancer and choreographer based in Helsinki. She has worked in many roles in numerous groups in Finland and internationally. Her atmospheric works have dance at their core.  

Roy Boswell

Roy Boswell is a Helsinki-based sculptor whose work has a strong affinity with performance art, music and sound. 

Ella Skoikka

Ella Skoikka (Ella-Noora Koikkalainen) is a dance and performance artist from Joensuu. She is currently based in Helsinki. Her artistic practice is focused on the body, dance and sound. 

Ella Skoikka, Mira Kautto and Roy Boswell. Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Petri Virtanen.

Supported by

This work is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Kone Foundation& Vyner Articles


Working group: Roy Boswell, Mira Kautto, Ella Skoikka
Choreography and dance: Mira Kautto & Ella Skoikka
Performer: Ella Skoikka
Music: Roy Boswell, Timo Kaukolampi & Ella Skoikka
Sculptures: Roy Boswell
Sculpture assistant: Liisa Mudist
Initiator: Mira Kautto
Costume: working groyp & Vyner Articles
Choreographic dialogue: Anna Torkkel
Curator, ARS22: Piia Oksanen
Production: työryhmä ja Kiasma-teatteri

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