Heidi Kilpeläinen: Land of Dreams

A 3 Channel Video Installation about the artist’s singing performance Tango Therapy, which was performed for one person at a time.

  • 3.5.2019

Video installation is about Heidi Kilpeläinen’s singing performance Tango Therapy.

Fri 3 May at 18:00
Kiasma Theatre
Free admission

Duration: approx. 1,5h

Land of Dreams title is a translation of a much loved Finnish tango ‘Satumaa’, which Heidi Kilpelainen sang during her Tango Therapy performance tour at Refugee Centres and war invalids and their widows homes in Finland. On this tour Kilpeläinen also invited the participants to sing back to her, in their own languages.

The performances were filmed and edited into a three channel video installation. Songs and encounters with people from Irak, Yemen, Syria, Afganistan, Somalia and Eritrea – to mention a few – combine with accounts of Finnish war invalids and widows in Kainuu, Finland.

Tango Therapy was a performance in which artist Heidi Kilpeläinen sings to one person at a time, sitting on opposite chairs, while rest of the audience listens and follows the performance.

Anyone from the audience was welcome to sit on the chair as it becomes free.

It was an intimate and personal performance of songs, mainly of Finnish tangos, with no technology or amplification. The focus in the performance was on the human presence and eye contact. Understanding Finnish language was not necessary, it is the melody and the sentiment which communicate beyond the boundaries of language.

Supported by: Koneen Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Beaconsfield Gallery, The Finnish Institute in London, AVEK

Heidi Kilpeläinen

Heidi Kilpeläinen (HK119) lives and works in London, UK. She graduated from Central St Martins 2004 (M.A.) and has since explored crossovers between visual art and music merging their boundaries in ‘total works of art’ and creating combinations of video, installation art and performance.

Her work is equally inspired by the contemporary world and its technological fascinations, as well as the ancient, mythological forms that run through collective memory. She produces works of aesthetic interest with a critical eye on our social environment, reflecting on our human condition within it.

Kilpeläinen has widely exhibited and performed in galleries and prestigious institutions, with a rich record of participations in shows and festivals, such as Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts, Los Angeles (2016) Camden Arts Centre, London (2016) Beaconsfield Gallery, London (2016/2015) Performa 07, New York (2007) Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki (2005) New Contemporaries, London / Liverpool (2004). She has also released 3 albums under the title HK119 (One Little Indian Records, 2005 – 2013)  and has performed internationally in music venues, galleries and museums such as Tate Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum, ICA, Casa da Musica and Kiasma.

Here You Are theme year

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