Anna Torkkel: Grâce

A contemporary dance piece that intertwines with music.

  • 13.2.–22.2.2020

A contemporary dance performance intwertwines with music.

Thu 13 Feb at 19:00 (premiere) FULL
Sat 15 Feb at 15:00 FULL
Sun 16 Feb at 15:00 FULL
Wed 19 Feb at 19:00 FULL
Fri 21 Feb at 19:00 FULL
Sat 22 Feb at 15:00 FULL

Tickets 18/15e (+1e service fee at the webstore)
The ticket includes admission to Kiasma’s exhibitions on the day of the performance

Duration 60min.
Language no spoken language in the performance

Anna Torkkel’s and working group’s new piece Grâce intertwines dancing with music. The performance focuses on what dancing can hold within itself and reaches towards allowing. Grace (French grâce: mercy, fluent, allure) as a philosophical concept is freedom itself, and the essence of the piece. Grâce exists for the miracle of dance to happen.

Grâce continues Anna Torkkel’s long-term work on concentrating on the current moment and being present within it. Since making a solo choreography Heart piece (2012) Torkkel has been developing a practice that enables and supports the dancer to surrender to the music and disregard evaluating of the self and the movement emerging. Deepening into the practice opens an environment in the body for dancing to take place. Whilst making Grâce the practice has been a tool for allowing and welcoming trust, ease, tolerance and love. The polyphonic composition and space deriving from the shared practice is revealing a desire to be connected with the gift of existence.

Hanna Ahti, Mira Kautto, Liisa Pentti and Masi Tiitta are dancing in the work, and sound design is made by Biitsi. Kautto is also working as the choreographer’s assistant in the process. Costume design and the installation of Grâce are made by Piia Rinne, and light design and scenography by Kristian Palmu. The producer of the work is Riikka Thitz.

Grâce will be premiered in Kiasma Theatre on Thursday 13.2.2020, and will be a part of contemporary art space Kutomo’s program in Turku in March 2020.

Working group

Choreography: Anna Torkkel
Dance: Hanna Ahti, Mira Kautto, Liisa Pentti, Masi Tiitta
Choreographer’s assistant: Mira Kautto
Sound design and music: Biitsi
Costume design and installation: Piia Rinne
Light design and scenography: Kristian Palmu
Seamstress: Nina Ukkonen
Producer: Riikka Thitz
Production: Ehkä-production, Kiasma Theatre, Liisa Pentti & Co, Anna Torkkel
Residency: Ehkä-production / Kutomo (Turku)
Supported by: Regional Dance Center of Western Finland,  Arts Promotion Centre Finland, TOP Foundation
Photo: Hertta Kiiski