Ania Nowak: Deep Inside

The performance deals with ecstasy by combining house music and Baroque poetry. It is part of Tom of Finland and Dreamy exhibition programme.

  • 28.4.2023 at 18–18.40
in English
1st floor, Kiasma Theatre
Tickets: museolipulla


In Deep Inside Ania Nowak looks at ecstasy. She juxtaposes house music and its lyrics with baroque poetry and sculpturesque depictions of divine ecstasy. Visual references to Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s sculpture Blessed Ludovica Albertoni overlap with language and desire and longing for God, the lover and the community building energy of house music.

Nowak uses repetition, rhytm and content of both house music and Baroque texts to search for collective body and soul in a time of (post)pandemic social awardness. She listnes to voices that drove house rhytms to summon many long forgotten black singers, often marginalised due to their gender and race. Nowak speaks with the ghosts of those voices, honouring them as leaders and partners. For memory and ecstasy.


Ania Nowak‘s(PL/DE) choreographic practice approaches vulnerability and desire as ways towards remiagining what bodies and language can and cannot do. She develops formats such as live and video performance, installation and text. She lives and works in Berlin.

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Text remix, choreography, performance: Ania Nowak
Sound: Justyna Stasiowska
Costume: Grzegorz Matląg
Outside eye: Julia Plawgo
Text excerpts from: Frankie Knuckles (feat. Jamie Principle), “Your Love”; Fonda Rae, “Tuch Me” and “Living in Ecstasy”; Ellis D. Presents Boom-Boom, “Work This Pussy (Hurt Me Mix)”; Robin S, “Show Me Love”; Black Box, “Ride on Time”; House to House, “Taste My Love”; Crystal Waters, “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)”; Sonikku ft. LIZ (SOPHIE remix), “Sweat”; Rozalla, “Everybody’s Free”; Clivilles’ & Cole, “A Deeper Love (A Deeper Feeling Mix)”; Peech Boys “Don’t Make Me Wait”; Lope de Vega, “Various Effects of Love”; Francisco de Quevedo, “Love That Endures Beyond Death”
Production: La Casa Encendida
Supported by: Ankara Queer Art Program
Photos: Natalia Reich/ Haus für Poesie

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