Saturday Workshops

Learn to know contemporary art hands on! With museum ticket. Worshops are suitable for all ages from 3 years up. Under 10-year-olds only with an adult. No previous experience or advance registration is necessary.

On Saturdays from 15th of September to 27th October.
Price With museum ticket. Children under 18 free.
Lenght Non-stop workshop from 13 to 16.
Venue Kiasma’s Workshop Space, 5th floor.


15.9. My hero

What is your ideal hero? Does he or she have some supernatural skills, luck or courage? Create your own personal hero from bent wire.

Medium: Steel wire

22.9. Origami airplane

Folding airplanes and other objects from paper. A hands-on introduction to the Japanese art of origami.

Medium: Folded paper

29.9. From Picture to Story – And Back Again

Relax with a friend or your child by playing a game. The workshop uses a game approach to create stories from pictures and to draw pictures of stories.

Medium: Story cubes, pictures, felt-tip pens

6.10. Routes All Over the Place

Stitch and sew new routes on cardboard or picture cards.

Medium: Sewing picture

13.10. Altering Pictures

Give old picture cards a new life by altering them. You can give the picture a new interpretation or underline its existing message.

Medium: Acrylic markers and picture cards

20.10. Guest from the Dark

What is a guest like: someone you don’t know and do not want, or someone who is welcome and familiar? Scratch a picture of a guest on black paperboard.

Medium: Scratchboard

27.10. Pictures of Light and Shadow

Create miniature stage sets and see how different light sources are reflected, the shadows they cast and how the lighting changes the mood.

Medium: Lighting equipment