Babies Play With Colours

What colour is a blueberry? What does yellow taste like? Babies Play with Colour is designed for children between 3 and 11 months with an accompanying parent. In the workshops, babies explore materials and colours by feeling, tasting, smelling and listening. The colour play workshop begins with a short visit to an exhibition.

Join a Babies Play with Colour workshop or book a private one for your group.

Workshops Autumn 2020

Workshops in fall 2020 will be held from 8th to 22nd of August 2020.

Duration max 1,5 hours
Group size 5 babies with their adults
Price 25 e / adult and one baby. Price includes materials, entrance fee and guidance.
Language mainly in Finnish

Book a place

Book a private Babies’ Colour Workshop

Duration 1.5 hours.
Max. group size 10 babies with adults.
Price €295 / group. The price includes materials and instruction. Adults will also pay the admission to the museum.

How to book a workshop

Call +358 (0)2 94 500 500 (Mon–Fri, 10:00–14:00)

Send an email to