What is Kiasma Theatre?

Kiasma Theatre is a stage for contemporary art located in Kiasma’s ground floor. Kiasma Theatre is presenting performing arts in cooperation with the museum’s exhibitions. The programme includes Finnish and international performances, screenings, festivals and installations. We collaborate with several festivals and artists as well.

The programme is in dialogue with current exhibitions, so the theatre ticket includes admission to the exhibitions on the day of the performance.

The programme from passed years can be found from here.

URB festival

URB is an annual urban art and culture festival that presents the influence of ever-changing urban and youth culture on different forms of contemporary art. Kiasma Theatre has been producing URB festival since year 2000. URB festival is arranged in early June.

See the website URB


Performance_now is a new platform for performing arts which was preceded by /theatre.now event.  Under the Peformance_now title Kiasma Theatre shall arrange individual events during the future years. All of the events are concentrated in the border areas between performing arts, space and visual arts.

Project proposals

Kiasma Theatre’s curatorial team follows both the Finnish and the international performing arts field, but we do also accept project proposals, which can be sent to the following address: jonna.strandberg@kiasma.fi (by e-mail only!). Your proposal should identify and provide a rationale for the concept or project (1 page) and at most 6 images (.jpeg, 300 dpi, max 1 MB). For video art works, we ask you to include a link to the video file.

Since our programme is by invitation only, we do not give feedback on proposals sent to us. If your proposal has been successful, you will be contacted directly.