Student Day


On Student Day the entrance is free of charge with a valid student card.

The next Student Day is organized on the 25th of October in collaboration with curator Marjolein van der Loo.  Student Day’s program will concentrate on the themes of Kiasma’s Coexistence exhibition.

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Discounts with a valid student card
Lunch 9 €, café products  -15%
Salad buffet and soup are vegan
Normal priced products from Kiasma Shop -20%. Does not include ticket products or stamps.

Reflection space

down and relax, share your thoughts with friends and strangers. 

Ongoing Work Stations 

Kiasma’s second floor balcony / lobby

In temporary workspaces, local researchers from Aalto University and Helsinki University, that relate to the thematics of the coexistence exhibition, are invited to set up their workspace in Kiasma for the day. This way students can learn about their practice, expertise and research and the organizations can share their efforts with an audience.

Rock-paper-story Tour + Workshop
Tour hosted by visual artist Sari Palosaari and workshop by consultant and lecturer Liisa Siitonen

Kiasma’s Co-existence Exhibition, 3rd floor and Kiasma Room, 3rd floor

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Fermentation Station
Fermentation station explores the world of bacteria, yeast and fungi through the method of fermentation. In this ongoing workshop participants can walk through the modified recipes of traditional fermented foods like viili and sima.
Maximum ten participants each hour at 2 pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm (full)
Meeting Point on 3rd floor

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Anthropocene Noir
Lecture by artist and researcher Matthew C. Wilson
Kiasma’s Seminar Room, 1st floor

The Clay Virus Tour + Workshop

Tour by microbiologist Kaisa Haukka and workshop by art teacher Annika Lintervo based on visual artist Niina Tervo´s practice.

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Plant Physiology
Lecture by researcher, teacher and docent Pedro Aphalo

Kiasma’s Seminar Room, 1st floor 

More-Than-Human Journey Tour + Workshop  
Tour by Ph. D. student Victoria Peemot and workshop by shamanic healer Christiana Harle
Kiasma’s Co-existence Exhibition, 2nd floor 

Kiasma Tour in Finnish
Meeting point at Kiasma’s Lobby

6 pm
Maria Hyökyvaara & working group: Kissed by the Isness
Kiasma Theatre
The performance is based on the working group’s two-year journey among meditative methods and human consciousness. Read more

We give out 40 free tickets for students. Use code STUDENT in our webshop.

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6.30–6.50 pm and 7.30-7.50pm
Visual artist Kalle Hamm plays Band of Weeds’ sound pieces 

Kiasma’s Co-existence Exhibition, 3rd floor