The Spring Research Day


What the hell is artistic research? And what is it good for? What is techno-assisted embodiment, hyperdramatic theatre, interplanetary choreography or re-membering?

The Spring Research Day is an open and free event of artistic research. It takes place at the Kiasma Theatre on the 25th of April 2018. It is organised by Tutke, the Performing Arts Research Center at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki with support of ADIE project.


In English.
Free entry.


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All day, all around
Max McBride : re-membering

Kiasma’s foyer
11 – 11:30 (12:00)   Simo Kellokumpu : #CHARP

Kiasma Theatre
11.30 – 12.15         Paula Kramer : Rock / Crust / Body / Snow / Face / Buoy

Break (12:15 – 12:30)

12.30 – 12.50        Vincent Roumagnac : Backdrop (Venice)
12.50 – 13.20        Rania Khalil : Palestinian Wildlife Series

Break (13.20 – 13.30)

Seminar room
13.30 – 13.45        Jana Unmüssig : Arbitrary title
13.45 – 14.00        Max McBride (discussion)
14.00 – 14.30        Leena Rouhiainen, Riikka Laakso & Jonna Strandberg: The ADIE project
14.30 – 14.45        How To Do Things With Performance? research project (Pilvi Porkola, Tero Nauha, Hanna Järvinen, Annette Arlander): Regurgitated      Perspectives – an excerpt

Break (Food, water, oxygen, a refreshing stroll) 14:45 – 16.00

Kiasma Theatre
16.00 – 17.00        Outi Condit : The Actress
17.00 – 17.15        Discussion on The Actress

Break (17.15 – 17.30)

17.30 – 20.00 Reflections by Daniel Oliver (UK)
+ A soapbox session featuring Liisa Pentti, Gregoire Rousseau, and more TBC!

Why not just Art?

How does art transform into research, either within the academia or outside? And what it is good for? (What is the moment, location or quality of this transformation?)

The soapbox session consists of a few prepared five-minute articulations/statements/provocations, an “open mic” for improvised entries, dialogues, and discussion.

* a soapbox is a

  1. box or crate used as a makeshift stand by a public speaker,
  2. used with reference to a situation in which someone expresses strong opinions about a particular subject. (wikipedia)

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