Eero Yli-Vakkuri: Our Great Culinary Survival –simulator



Wed 14.10. 14:00, Seminar room
Free admission
n. 40min.
Language suomi

“A few years ago I discovered into a molecular gastronomy blog which offered a guide on how to make copies well-known mineral waters. I’ve collected the ingredients, like gypsum and chalk, from pharmacies and the required salts from home-brewing shops. In my home I use regular tap-water, which I pressurise with the force of four atmospheres. I started by manufacturing copies of the San Pellegrino spring. It’s difficult to find reliable information on gypsum and chalk effect our bodies. Drinkin these raw minerals can be scary. I’ve learned to trust my own gut feeling in the process: If a water I’m fabricating tastes interesting, I continue with the experiment. Recently I’ve started to draft my own recipes and different salts and minerals and based on my mood.

I will present how you can manufacture mineral waters at home, how you can drink architecture and how water cycles in nature.”

Eero Yli-Vakkuri