Somanauts – Workshops for experiential anatomy

31.03.2019 - 16.06.2019

In the Somanauts workshops, participants engage in voice-directed practices that assist in focusing on touch and embodiedness. The practices will be directed by dramaturge Elina Minn. In the experiential anatomy workshops, we learn about the body via its internal experiences.  The Somanauts workshops are realised in Kiasma’s Studio K space, amidst Alma Heikkilä’s paintings.

Sunday 31st of March at 2 pm (in Finnish)
Sunday 14th of April at 2 pm (in Finnish)
Sunday 28th of April at 2 pm (in English)
Sunday 2nd of June at 2 pm (in Finnish)
Sunday 9th of June at 2 pm (in Finnish)
Sunday 16th of June at 2 pm (in English) 

Kiasma’s Studio K space, 2nd floor
Duration: 50 min
Price and tickets:

Tickets 15/13e (+1 e service fee at the webshop)

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Free entry with the Museum Card, ICOM card and annual pass for Finnish art students and artists. PURCHASING A FREE TICKET: insert a discount code MAKSUTON to the line asking for it. Be prepared to prove your eglibility when asked.

Information about the workshops

In Ancient Greek, soma means a living entity consisting of body, mind, and soul. While astronauts make their journeys of discovery into space, somanauts dive deep into the reality of the body.  

The times in which we live urge us toward continuous doing and action. In Somanauts, bodies are allowed to drop all doing and focus on experiencing. We awaken the cells’ consciousness of themselves 

The Somanauts workshops are realised amidst Alma Heikkilä’s exhibition. With the assistance of the practices, the exhibition can be expanded towards a multisensory experience of the artworks, the space, other bodies, and one’s own body.   

All particles in the universe resonate with each other, in waves and vibrations. By embodying the movement patterns of this vibration, we ask ourselves how we vibrate in relation to the space, materials, people, and other living things. It is being present to the energetics and inbetweenness of all things material and animate 

Realised by:
The practices are directed by dramaturge Elina Minn, who is interested in the developmental movement patterns shared by people and other animals, and in what our shared cellular foundation might mean from a performative point of view. The live soundscape of the event is by sound designer and musician Satu Kankkonen