Norman Orro: Music For Your Plants


Kiasma Theatre continues with the Concert in the Dark -concept by presenting the soundwork by Estonian artist Norman Orro. This audiovisual concert by Orro combines the sounds of nature and machines.

Fri 26.10. 19
Tickets 15/12e

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Venue Kiasma Theatre
Duration 40min.

Music For Your Plants is an ongoing audiovisual project by Norman Orro. Active since 2010, the project has manifested in concept albums, installations, visual essays and collaborations with international artists.

With roots in world music the project has grown into a distinct venture in sonic globalism. Music For Your Plants performs assiociative research into digital cartographies of post-colonialism and the exotics, using non-human agents as a mode of communication.

Music For Your Plants is best described as an IMAX experience of a world after humans where objects are given agency to speak to, and of themselves through audible frequencies. The Earth is facing an anthropomorphic gaze while the social-ecomony pushes forward scenarios of diplomatic first contact with the mythical other. Music For Your Plants constructs a journey using tools of speculative realism and machine assisted composition to bridge the divide that goes beyond nature and culture.

In the works of Music For Your Plants ther is an ominous but pleasing tone to the interplay of semantic and athmospheric sounds – the human voice spoken by a machine becomes a birdcal for the rocks.

Some of the soundtracks can be listened from here.

The Concert in the Dark -concept celebrates Kiasma’s 20th anniversary by giving the eyes some rest after looking at art so many years. The first concert was held in April 2018 by Finnish jazz drummer Olavi Louhivuori.

Norman Orro

Norman Orro (b. 1986) is Estonian artist, musician and graphic designer. Read more about the artist.