Noora Dadu: FAIL

A Flawed Performance

17.11.2016 - 10.12.2016

Premiere: Thu 17 Nov at 17:00 (in collaboration with Baltic Circle festival)
Other performances: Sat 19 Oct at 14:00 (in collaboration with Baltic Circle festival), Wed 23 Nov at 17:00, Sat 26 Nov at 14:00, Wed 30 Nov at 17:00, Fri 2 Dec at 14:00, Wed 7 Dec klo 17:00 & Sat 10 Dec at 14:00

Wed 11.1. 18:00 & Fri 13.1. 18:00

In spring 2015, I created a performance for Theatre Takomo in Helsinki. It was entitled My Palestine, and in it I solved the crisis between Palestine and Israel. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell the involved parties about the solution, with the result that the occupation, siege and violence continue to this day. I cannot say the performance was a success, but I nevertheless wanted to make a sequel. This is that sequel.
– Noora Dadu

The title of the piece is FAIL. It is all about failure. No one who has achieved illumination has even been able to share their experience. No words ever truly hit their mark. The only truth is in being wrong and misunderstood. Fail is a confession and a tribute to failure.

Noora Dadu (born 1981) is a Helsinki-based actor, director and scriptwriter. She is a member of Theatre Takomo and of a politics collective lead by Susanna Kuparinen. Her works as an independent scriptwriter and her collaborations with Joanna Haartti have explored such themes as disagreement and love, both in the life of individuals and in a broader political context.

Organised in cooperation with the Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival.

Direction & script: Noora Dadu
Spatial design: Jaakko Pietiläinen
Lighting desing: Jani-Matti Salo