Nathaniel Mellors & Erkka Nissinen screening



The screening presents three video works from Nathaniel Mellors and Erkka Nissinen as an addition to The Aalto Natives exhibition.

Tickets 5e to the screening only. The museum ticket of the same day includes admission to the screening.

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Nathaniel Mellors

Ourhouse, Ep.-1: Time (2015-16) 60:00
Courtesy of the artist and The Box, Los Angeles

Ourhouse, Ep.-1: Time (2015-16) is the latest episode in Nathaniel Mellors’ ongoing Ourhouse body of work (5 episodes, 2010-), an absurdist drama and conceptual artwork that uses the control of language as its core theme. The eccentric Maddox-Wilson family’s lives are destabilized when their house (‘Ourhouse’) is occupied by ‘The Object’, whom the family fail to recognise as a human-being, each perceiving a different form in its place. ‘The Object’ yields strange power over words and begins to eat the family’s books; processing their story inside its guts. Each episode of the series is determined by the texts ‘The Object’ consumes, half-digests and sicks-back-up.

In the new episode the family have inhabited the northern wing of Ourhouse with holidays in mind but lose one of their group to a pair of passing Neanderthals. ‘The Object’ is consuming The Eternal Present – a book covering 35,000 years of European cave-art. Meanwhile Ourhouse has become inundated with surveillance technology through the expansion and rise to power of a gentleman-criminal called Davis, a plumber hired by the family in 1999 to “do the pipes” who has evolved into… something else. Charles ‘Daddy’ Maddox-Wilson has invented a revolutionary new theory of time – but Davis, one step ahead, has invented a time-travelling toilet – the ‘T.T.T.’. Charles’ subsequent attempts at time-travel go awry as the family find themselves duped, cannibalised and trapped inside a permanent-present…

The film incorporates devices from prehistory as a means of exploring contemporary socio-economic and political issues, class, the objectification of the ‘other’ and our complex relationship with technology.

Erkka Nissinen

Vantaa (2008) 11:50
A musical journey. Arnold Schönberg is looking for his yoghurt – Karlheinz Stockhausen might have something to do with it.

Polis X (2012) 26:27
The word Polis comes from Greek, meaning a city or an entity composed of citizens. Polis X is a kaleidoscope of human destinies that refer to the ancient Greek ideal of the city-state. Instead of depicting a perfected state of an utopian community, the viewer is confronted by the obscene historical traces of the mankind’s inhumanity.

The artists

Nathaniel Mellors (1974, Doncaster, UK) is a Los Angeles based artist working across a wide range of media. His irreverent, absurd and hilarious videos, sculptures, performances and writings challenge notions of taste, morality, and intelligence. Mellors’ work often takes the form of absurdist fantasy used to address serious themes.

Erkka Nissinen (1975, Jyväskylä, Finland) is based in New York. Nissinen has over the years created a series of video works and installations crafting an absurdist comical-philosophical universe. Here, topics such as social interaction, sexuality, violence and the origins of human consciousness and creativity are addressed in cartoonesque narratives populated by a cast of hyperbolic characters, often performed by the artist himself.