Moving in November festival

28.10.2016 - 29.10.2016

Omar Rajeh & MaHa: Zaafaran

Premiere Fri 28.10. 18:00
Other performances: Sat 29.10. 17:00

_EDI2979-Mostafa Kazemi

In 2015, Beirut-based choreographer Omar Rajeh was invited to Tehran to choreograph a piece for MaHa, a local dance company. Zaafaran is based on the idea of sacrifice; a notion very much integrated in Eastern Cultures. This contemporary creation takes place on a Persian carpet, a rich ground that reminisces a past no longer present.

Dance company MaHa was founded in 2013 in Iran where dance is forbidden and frowned upon. Without the presence of a single dance academy and from various backgrounds, a group of young artists gathered together and started out of a need create and express their thoughts. Survival through dance is at the core of their work.

Choreography: Omar Rajeh
Dance: Mitra Ziaee Kia & Mostafa Shabkhan
Tompak (Goblet Drum): Ali Taleie
Costume Design: Reza Nadimi
Production: MaHa
Co-produced: Maqamat Beit El Raqs
Duration: 40 min

In 2016, Moving in November celebrates its 30th anniversary. This year, festival performances take place not only in Helsinki, but also in Tallinn. The full festival programme shall be launched during the fall.

Moving in November is the oldest and most significant contemporary dance festival in the Helsinki capital area. The festival presents international works that inspire, challenge and surprise audiences.

Kiasma Theatre has been a partner and venue of Moving in November festival since the opening of the museum in 1998 – and again this autumn.