Lecture performance: What is life? An encounter between Art & Science with Björn Kröger (FI/DE) and Margherita Pevere (FI/IT)


What is life? presents two different perspectives, one from art and one from science.

Fri 5 April at 18:00
Kiasma Theatre

Free admission

What is life? presents two different perspectives, one from art and one from science: Björn Kröger, Palaeontologist and curator of the Finnish Museum of Natural History will lead us way back in time to the very beginnings of the planet earth and of life itself. In his lecture Origin(s) of life – Our search for the beginnings he will introduce us to the different theories trying to explain the origin of life.

In her participatory performance lecture Anatomy of an Interconnected System, interdisciplinary artist Margherita Pevere focuses at the human-(N)ature complex in the frame of the emergent environmental crisis and asks about our awareness for the non-human world. Read more about Margherita Pevere from here.

In 2019 Kiasma asks for a good life and love across borders. Those borders can be national or racial when we look into human interaction only. With the realisation that a good life also depends on a healthy environment we might also look across the borders to the non-human world and even across the borders of time to get an idea about the where we and life in general come from and how it might continue.

The lectures are a collaboration with The Bioart Society.

Here You Are -theme year

The theme of the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma’s 2019 programme is goodness, with exhibitions and performances throughout the year exploring the ideas of giving, sharing, hospitality and encounters.

We will invite viewers to make art themselves and to experience first-hand its power to bring joy and inspiration. Goodness comes from action, and it thrives on sharing.