Liisa Pentti +Co: The Space

13.10.2018 - 20.10.2018

A new contemporary dance performance by choreographer Liisa Pentti views the transformations of body and mind. It is also possible to see Janina Rajakangas’ Canary after the performance with a Double Bill.

Sat 13.10. at 16
Tue 16.10. at 17 
Wed 17.10. at 19
Fri 19.10. at 19
Sat 20.10. at 16

Tickets 15/12e, Double Bill (Liisa Pentti +Co: The Space and Janina Rajakangas: Canary) 25/20e

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Venue Kiasma Theatre

But we know that behind every image revealed, there is another image more faithful to reality, and in back of that image there is another, and yet another behind the last one, and so on, up to the true image of the absolute mysterious reality that no-one will ever see.”
Michelangelo Antonioni

A Finnish choreographer Liisa Pentti’s latest work is the seond part of a performance series The Body is (a clear) place in the Space, produced during 2017-2018. The first part, The Body, was a duet with Liisa Pentti and Danish dance and performance artist Bo Madvig.

The second part, The Space, continues to create the views to body and mind’s transformations. It is based on three interrelated themes: the haptic state as a producer of the movement, the concomitance of the past and the future, and the collision of sense and thinking. One of the inspirations for the performance are Hungarian films by Bela Tarr, who’s works are playing with understanding and seeing the meaning. The Space is a work for six dancers and three musicians.

The Space is a show of beauty and impossibility. The performers create a variety of body and sound transformatios, and return them to the starting point where nothing has been preserved. The work is built on conditions on the performing space. The tension between the empty space, the positioning of dancers and the sound is the basis of the work.

Performance is part of performance_now concept by Kiasma Theatre, with the theme of space this year.

Working Group

Choreography and direction: Liisa Pentti
Dancers: Rea-Liina Brunou, Johanna Ikola, Carita Lähteenmäki, Maija Reeta Raumanni, Satu Rekola, Nina Viitamäki
Music: Jukka Kääriäinen & Co
Musicians: Aleksi Haapaniemi, Eero Savela
Costume design: Tua Helve
Spatial design: Salla Salin
Producer: Inari Pesonen

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