02.04.2020 - 08.04.2020

According to the guidance issued by the Government of Finland, Kiasma will be closed  for the general public from Tuesday 17 March 2020 in order to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus. Kiasma Theatre’s performances are cancelled for spring season 2020.

A performance about alternative worlds and imagining them.

Larudio was a program that Ylermi Rajamaa recorded on c-casettes during an ordinary but somewhat sad summer at the start of the 1990’s. On the recordings he explored Larudio, an alternate reality since forgotten and lost in the years that passed. In this performance Ylermi II, now 38 years old, reconstructs his childhood Larudio in Kiasma-theatre and returns to its absence, meaning and memories.

The performance is an invitation to enter a silent space of loss and change, a space that moves you as well as within you. It´s an attempt to save one of all the worlds that are passing at the moment.


Working group: Mika Haaranen, Heikki Paasonen, Joonas Pehrsson, Ylermi Rajamaa, Essi Rossi, Raimo Saarinen, Tinja Salmi & Ruut Neves
Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Samuel Huber foundation
Thank you: Plantane

About the artists

Essi Rossi (formerly Räisänen) is a director and dramaturg working diversely in the field of theatre and live art both Finland and abroad. At this moment, Rossi is interested in destruction, possibilities for change in the era of the eco-crisis and the problematics and potential of desire as a part of this change.

Ylermi Rajamaa is an actor and musician, known as the composer and songwriter of the band Plutonium 74. Rajamaa’s latest works are Medusan huone at Q-teatteri, Esitystalous 3 at Espoo City Theatre and a movie Risto Räppääjä ja pullistelija. Larudio is a new opening for Rajamaa for working with significant personal material.

Raimo Saarinen is a sculptor focusing on the Western aspect of the nature and its problematics. Saarinen has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. He often uses plants and soil in his works. Read more from here.

Tinja Salmi is a set designer and scenographer graduated from the Aalto university. Her working is steered by ecological thinking and technological possibilities. Now Salmi is interested in artificial intelligence, virtual reality as well as the interfaces of realities. Read more from here.

Mika Haaranen is a scenographer and light designer working in the various field of performing arts. Haaranen has worked as a scenographer at Lappeenranta City Theatre and as a visitor at the city theatres of Helsinki, Kemi, Akureyr and the Finnish National Ballet, as well as independent productions. Haaranen is working as a Light Technician at Kiasma Theatre.

Heikki Paasonen is a Helsinki-based lighting designer, whose spatial and minimalistic light designs have been featured in many projects by Finnish choreographers and theatre makers. Paasonen is working as an AV and Light Technician at Kiasma Theatre.

Joonas Pehrsson works in the sound related stuff in the field of dance, theatre, circus and visual arts. Pehrsson is working as a Sound Technician at Kiasma Theatre.