Là-bas→ Abyss: Splinters in the Depths

13.05.2016 - 15.05.2016

Fri 13 May, 4–8 pm, Kiasma Theatre
Sun 15 May, 12-4 pm, Seminar room
Free admission.

The live performances, videos and discussions of the performance art festival Là-bas→ Abyss examine the abyss left behind after the disappearance of Man, being in the abyss and leaving the abyss behind. The festival continuum is realised in Helsinki in museum of contemporary art Kiasma and Merikaapelihalli of Kaapelitehdas and also in Tampere and Pori 13–21 May 2016.

The part of the Abyss festival which occurs at Kiasma theatre on 13 May, 4–8pm, is continuation of the Là-bas performance biennials held in Kiasma in 2010, 2012 and 2014. The opening introductory event of the festival begins with a look into the abyss manifest in Finnish video and video performance art. The screening starts with current works, which find parallels in the works of 1990’s, the decade that never ended. Despite of media and technical development, we live among ruins. The screening includes videos by Erkka Nissinen, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Jenni Markkanen, Kimmo Modig & Tuomas Laitinen, Roi Vaara, Anneli Nygren and Irma Optimisti. The works comment social presence in absence and ecstasy of alienation in an abyss that is a space and a medium.

The evening is concluded by a video by Simo Saarikoski, a performance by the duo Humananimal and a sound performance by Marko Timlin that tunes into the second day of the festival at Merikaapelihalli, Kaapelitehdas.

On Sunday 15 May, at the seminar room of Kiasma (12 am–4pm), questions and themes about contemporary media and performance art are discussed. Discussion takes place in the current cultural situation, in which the meaning of the world is threatened by vanishing into zero sum logic. The situation described as abyss is equal to severing all ties between the sign, the signifier and the Signified, and making appearances null and void, the abyss radicalises in a whole new way our anxiety over the destiny of art. All this is connected to questions about art’s locations and positions in electronic environments and their intertwining meshes. Critic Pekka Luhta, researcher Riikka Niemelä and artist Jaakko Pallasvuo speak.


Program of the whole festival:
Fri 13 May: Kiasma theatre, Kiasma, 4–8pm.
Sat 14 May: Merikaapelihalli, Kaapelitehdas, 4–12pm.
Sun 15 May: Seminar room, Kiasma, 12am–4pm.

18 May: Telakka, 7–10pm.

20 May: Lyhytaaltoasema, 7–11pm.
21 May: Porin Taidemuseo, 12am–3pm, 7–10pm.

Entry to all events is free.

For more information, see: www.la-bas.fi