Joonas Lahtinen & co: I BLAME YOU, TONY BLAIR!

11.03.2016 - 13.03.2016

Premiere on Friday 11 Mar 7 pm, Performances Sat 12 Mar 4 pm and Sun 13 Mar 4 pm
Tickets €15/10, includes admission to exhibitions.

This bitterly humorous monologue by the ageing performance artist Harald Jokesch examines the position of art and artists in the maelstrom of the ‘creative economy’. Designed by Joonas Lahtinen, the work blends live audio with performance and spatial installation, challenging us to consider what the ‘creative economy’ means to artists who do not want to operate as entrepreneurs.

Language English, duration about 30 minutes.

Supported by the Austrian Embassy in Helsinki and the Federal Chancellery of Austria.