Janina Rajakangas: Canary

13.10.2018 - 20.10.2018

A Finnish choreographer Janina Rajakangas studies hypersensivity in her new piece Canary. The performance will be performed in Kiasma’s 2nd floor balcony. Before the performance, it is possibly to see Liisa Pentti‘s performance The Space with a Double Bill ticket.

Sat 13.10. at 18
Tue 16.10. at 18.30
Wed 17.10. at 20.30
Fri 19.10. at 20.30
Sat 20.10. at 18

Tickets: 15/12e, Double Bill (Liisa Pentti: The Space and Janina Rajakangas: Canary) 25/20e

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Duration approx. 40min
Language English

Canary (Finnish: kanarialintu) is a bodily fantasy about hypersensitivity. The title alludes to birds that coal miners took down with them to serve as an indicator of the level of toxity in the air. When the bird died, the mine was deemed dangerous for humans as well. In the performance, the bird is replaced by hypersensitive human bodies that celebrate imperfection and confusion.

Janina Rajakangas (s. 1978) is a Finnish choreographer who has studied i.a. at London Contemporary Dance School and Theatre Academy in Helsinki. Rajakangas has been working both in Finland and abroad. Rajakangas on työskennellyt sekä Suomessa että ulkomailla. The videos from her recent works can be viewed from here.

Performance is part of performance_now concept by Kiasma Theatre, with the theme of space this year.

Working group

Miki Brunou, Kaisa Iho, Mira Kautto, Karolina Kraczkowska, Stephen Moynihan, Jenni Pystynen & Janina Rajakangas