Eglė Budvytytė: Orcas and Volcanos

Incantation Karaoke


Lithuanian born contemporary artist Eglė Budvytytė is dealing with ideas of ecofeminism and questions of extinction and non-human entities, plants and animals in her solo performance.

Sat 15.9. at 4pm
Tickets 15/12e

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Venue Kiasma Theatre
Language English
Duration 45min

Orcas and Volcanos – Incantation Karaoke addresses extinction and human arrogance. It is also an attempt to channel the voices of multiple non-human entities; plants and animals.  Among many other beings, the songs  also feature different collaborative forms of life, such as bacteria and fungi that are crucial in sustaining balance in our ecologies.

I am working with repetition and rhythm, I see the songs almost as a tool for incantation, a spell.  They form the first part of the work. The second part is an invitation for the audience to join in sing-along. I am hoping to create a moment of collective utterance – singing, a shared moment of vulnerability through this improvised form of karaoke.  It is an abstracted version of karaoke though– the one without images or recognizable melodies.

The work is a solo performance , it is also a sequel to Budvytytė’s earlier piece Soft Voice harsh melody.

Concept & performance : Egle Budvytyte
Dramaturgy: Bart Groenendaal

Orcas and Volcanos – Incantation Karaoke is part of Kiasma’s exhibition There and Back Again. It also celebrates the 100th anniversary of Lithuania.
Supported by Lithuanien Culture Institute

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The artists

Eglė Budvytytė (b. 1981) is a Lithuanian-born performance and video artist who lives in the Netherlands. In her works she explores the body’s ability to challenge conventions of conduct formed by public spaces. More information about the artist.

Bart Groenendaal (s. 1957) is a Dutch artist / filmmaker whose work is concerned with the collateral poetry of cross-cultural society and the media image.