Anna Estarriola: Ventriloquized


Wed 25 May 6 pm

Borrowing the esthetics of a ventriloquist show, Anna Estarriola and a representation of her, together perform an existential duet that speculates about perception and the side effects of being under pressure. The piece involves visual illusions, text and physical movement. Through the interaction with humanized objects and other chameleonic creatures, the performer creates a dialogue on common human concerns.  

Anna Estarriola is a Catalan visual artist based in Helsinki. Estarriola combines i.a. installation, sculptures, moving image, dance, dramaturgy and technology in her artistic work.

Performance: Anna Estarriola
Dramaturgy assistant: Maria Kilpi
Premiere: Mad House / Helsinki / 2014
Language: English
Duration: 30min
After the performance, the programme continues at the exhibiton space.