Ville Aalto: Avian Electronics | Live

A concert with electric birdsong and chirp of the digital grasshoppers.

  • 18.10.2020 at 16–18
Kiasma Theatre
Tickets: 18 / 15 €
Includes admission to Kiasma’s exhibitions before the concert.

Duration approximately 1 hour.

Nature as a permanent, natural category does not exist. We tend to take for granted the things that are created by the cultivation methods of the passed generations: meadows, moors, small groves.

Our generation’s unnaturalness is also becoming nature, a traditional landscape, a place of protection. It is very natural.

The world is changing rapidly and technological development is affecting everything – how ultimately are we changing our living environment, what will the nature around us sound like in the future?

In Ville Aalto’s Avian Electronics | Live concert, the audience is surrounded by an electronically produced birdsong, digital grasshoppers, a purl of a stream produced by a random generator and a wind out of the noise out of components. The steady pulse of the machines oscillates in the background. Mixing synthetic sounds of nature and electronic signals, the boundary between genuine and artificial is shaky and blurry.

The Artist

A sound artist and musician Ville Aalto creates sounds and electronic music with a synthesizer. The musical minimalism is mixed with electronic, artificial soundscapes. Read and listen from Aalto’s website.

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