Dance performance

URB 21 festival programme. A remake of Ben Fury’s dance performance with five Helsinki based dancers.

  • 7.6.2021 at 19–20
  • 8.6.2021 at 19–20
  • 11.6.2021 at 19–20
Stoa's yard (Turunlinnantie 1, Itäkeskus)
Tickets: free admission

About the performance

X∙over is a site-specific performance created by dancer-choreographer Ben Fury (BE/MAR). It has its roots in his inspiration of sufi and ritual forms of moving. X∙over will have its premier in Helsinki at URB21 and it is a recreation of a performance called Crossover. Crossover was performed at Dream City festival fall 2019 in Tunis and was a result of a co-creative process lead by Fury for Tunisian dancers during the years 2018-19.  

In Helsinki Ben Fury has directed five local performers, with whom he has had the opportunity to re-envision the original piece.


Direction: Ben Fury
Choreography: Ben Fury & working group
Performers: Andrii ”Pluto” Gregul, Jeffrey Kam, Selma Kauppinen, Siiri Korkeamäki, Hozan Omar
Director’s assistant: Sara Hirn
Music: HXIVE
Costume design: Joona Huotari
Production: URB, Kiasma-teatteri & Itä-Helsingin kulttuurikeskus Stoa
The production is part of a four-year EU project Art Beyond Participation – BEPART.

The audience is guided to stand around the Stoa’s yard. Please arrive only if you feel yourself healthy! In case of heavy rain, the performance cannot be performed.

Working group

Ben Fury

Moroccan born Benaji Mohamed/Ben Fury established his foundation of dance in the underground scene of break dance in Brussels through the 80ies and 90ies. As a breakdancer he progressively worked on the development of floorwork, groove, style and powermoves. In 1998 he was absorbed by the contemporary dance scene and embarked on a journey that is still present today. 

It has since a long time been his object for research to fuse these two worlds of artistic expression, still progressing in the approach to each, still allowing one to inspire and influence the other and to let them become an expression of itself when joined. 

A basic element for his interest of work, no matter which project, has always been music. Through time the influence of music has developed along with musical styles. The musical basis for his workshop objective now is the style of TRAP, variation of electronic music expressing groove and flavor, beat and air. 

Andrii “Pluto” Gregul

is a 31 y.o. professional dancer, dance teacher and DJ. He is a member of a globally well-known dance group called Ruffneck Attack. Gregul was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine, where he started breaking 20 years ago. For the past 15 years, he has been traveling all over the world as a competitor, performer, judge and teacher as well as a participant and winner of numerous events and competitions. In 2015 Gregul moved to Helsinki and ever since he has been actively involved in the Finnish urban dance scene by attending competitions and winning them, as well as teaching in several dance schools. In 2018-19 Gregul took part in dance theatre Hurjaruuth’s “Talvisirkus”. Currently Gregul is one of the coaches for the National Breaking Team and started working with Finland’s best b-boys/b-girlsfor the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris.

Jeffrey Kam

is a busser, DJ, father of one child and above all – a dancer. Kam started to be interested in hip hop and b-boying already in the age of 4, and later on he found Locking as his beloved dance style. Kam was performing in Finnish version of TV production So You Think You Can Dance in 2012, and after that, his dancing started to be more serious. Since, he has been working as a dancer i.e. in Disney’s Tarzan the musical at the Helsinki City Theater, Indigo and The Flying Dutchman at the Finnish National Opera and Fiddler On The Roof musical at Tampereen Työväen Teatteri. Numerous competitions, shows, gigs, trips to competitions and occasions to learn more from different people abroad, theatre and opera, as well as his personal life changes, has lead the path for Kam’s dancing. He describes the path as the feeling of freedom and improvisation.

Selma Kauppinen

has graduated as a dancer in 2017 from the Conservatory of Tampere, and since she has been working variously in the dance field. She has worked as a dancer i.e. music videos, movies, musicals and in the back of artists. The latest employees have been Helsinki City Theatre and Dance theatre Hurjaruuth, where Kauppinen has worked as a dancer and performer.

Siiri Korkeamäki

is a dancer from Helsinki who has started dancing as a kid with flamenco dance, and later as a teenager she started to practice hip hop. During 2017-19 she studied and practiced different street styles and forms in Åsa Folkhögskola in Sweden, where she started to practice breakdancing. She represents her crew KOOKOOCEE in jams and battles, and organizes events in Helsinki as well. Korkeamäki seeks to deepen her understanding of the hip hop culture and it’s black American roots, and also to share, build and develop with the local and international breakdance community towards an inclusive and sustainable future.  As an artist, she searches to find new dimensions within movement and always wishes to develop her craft and expression. In breakdance she pursues to create her own flow, swift and soft movement with always keeping it funky, music first!

Hozan Omar

is a Helsinki-born dancer and a dance teacher. In year 2015 he graduated from the Street dance programme of the Swedish Åsa Folklögskolan. He has been travelling a lot for dancing and participating in various competitions. In years 2013 & 2016 Omar won the Finnish Championship of popping. Omar has performed in several TV productions and music videos. As a dancer, Omar is self-confident and he thinks that performing brings out the most of his potential.

Joona Huotari

is a costume designer and artist that has worked in a wide range of projects since 2010. His work has reached many audiences through music videos, television, events fashion, theatre, circus and opera.

Huotari specializes material processing and has mastered the use of recycled and reused materials. In his designs, he strives to approach costumes in a modern and fresh way. This can be seen on the cohesive production scale and as individual, wearable, works of art. In addition to costume design, Huotari has also worked as a performance artist, graphic designer and scenographer.


is a duo formed by Janne Uusiniemi and Joonas Pehrsson. The duo operates in the boarder of analogy and digital. Their music is inspired i.e. forest ponds in the summertime, urn park et the Maunula cemetery and Itäkeskus swimming hall.

URB21 programme

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