Lecture: Timimie Märak

Part of the URB21 Festival. This hour-long speech is for anyone interested in art as a tool for activism.

  • 6.6.2021 at 14–15
in English, online events
Tickets: free admission
Participation requires pre-registration. Instructions in the event information.
Timimie Märak.

Timimie Märak. Photo: Regina Bergman.


Resting is resistance.

Fight, flight, freeze & fawn are commonly talked about only as trauma responses.

But these reactions are part of our everyday socializing.

So how traumatized are we by our everyday life?

And how do we rest without feeling shame?

60 minutes of shame is a one hour lecture about resting and trying to see the similarities between our struggles so that we can put up boundaries instead of borders.

Timimie Märak

Timimie Märak is a poet, feminist & Sápmi queeraktivist living in Stockholm. Timimie puts just as much in between the lines they write as in the words they choose to share. Like them, their poetry is a combination of deep roots and connections, read at a big-city pace.

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