Queer AI: The Garden

The Garden is a paradise-like oasis, installation and an artificial landscape in the courtyard of Cultural centre Caisa. You can visit the Garden when passing by or you can stay longer and be more involved.

  • 9.6.2021 at 14–19
  • 10.6.2021 at 14–19
  • 11.6.2021 at 14–19
  • 12.6.2021 at 14–19
  • 13.6.2021 at 10–14
in Finnish
Kaikukatu 4 B
Tickets: free admission

Installation at Cultural centre Caisa’s courtyard

In the ever-changing Garden you can pop by or linger to wonder what is behind the creation. If desired, the visitor can participate in creating more diverse reality.

In the Garden, the gardeners are wondering how the world was born and how reality is created. They examine the myths of creation from the perspective of the diverse gender and sexual orientation.

A digital nursery is also planted online in the Garden. Nursery is fertilized with search engine optimization to answer the questions “why is the world the way it is?” and “how the world was born?”. Nursery aims to diversify its discussion of sex and to bring out the diverse perspectives of gender and sexual orientation. The language of the Garden is Finnish.

Working group

Queer AI: The Garden is part of a multiyear Queer AI –project by #digiteatteri. The aims of the project are to create an artificial intelligence that understands the diversity of genders and sexual orientations, produce a performance about that artificial intelligence and to influence the development and research of artificial intelligence in general.

The core group of #digiteatteri is Aku Meriläinen, Maria Oiva & Jyrki Pylväs. The working groups includes also Annu Kemppainen, Jamie MacDonald & Essi Salmenkivi.

Queer AI is a project funded by Kone Foundation, The Finnish Cultural Foundation and AVEK. Queer AI: The Garden is arranged in collaboration with URB festival, EU project BEPART and Culture Centre Caisa.

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