Ines Särkkä: Do it together (2021)


URB 21 festival programme. A documentary film about the vivid history of Suvilahti DIY skate park.

  • 12.6.–13.6.2021
in English, in Finnish, online events
Tickets: free admission

Skater’s own site in the urban space

Do It Together (2021) (Fin: Tehdään se yhdessä) tells the story of Suvilahti DIY skate park. The skate park, built entirely on a voluntary basis, is now under a threat to be demolished because of a new event centre. The documentary is looking at the city space from the skateboarding culture’s viewpoint. The documentary asks who owns the city space and who is allowed to operate there? When the commercial spaces occupy the city, open and free-to-do spaces like Suvilahti-DIY will be cramped.

Language: Finnish
Subtitles: English
Duration: 34min.

The film will be available at this website during Sat 12 June at 10 AM – Sun 13 June at 11PM.

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Ines Särkkä

a young documentarist graduated from the Lahti design institute, has directed the film. She is passionate about skateboarding, which inspires her on a daily basis. In her works, she wants to explore current affairs, material that excites the viewers and gives them thoughts. Last year, URB 20 –festival presented a movie about female skaters “What you just did was amazing”(2019) by Ines Särkkä and Oona Markkanen.

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