Ima Iduozee: Diaspora Mixtapes


URB 21 festival programme. Choreographer Ima Iduoze’s ‘Diaspora Mixtapes’ film and magazine tell thoughts about today’s African diaspora.

  • 5.6.–13.6.2021
in English, in Finnish, online events
Tickets: free admission

Diaspora Mixtapes: Vol.1 the movie

Diaspora Mixtapes is an art-house documentary that portraits artist, activists, entrepreneurs’ and intellects around the Diaspora. The first part of the series, Vol.1, was filmed in Johannesburg, Bergen Stolzenhagen, Negril and Helsinki during 2019.

The portraits consists of autobiographies and statements that highlights the diversity of black cultural identity in the contemporary African Diaspora. The first part of the series features Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Rebekka “Yeboyah” Kuukka, Maryan Abdulkarim, Joy Mariama Smith, Isaac Sene and Adri Mena.

Duration: 14 min.
Language: Finnish and English
Subtitles in English

The film will be available at this website during 5 – 13 June.

Diaspora Mixtapes: Print Portals the magazine

Diaspora Mixtapes: Print Portals assembles columns, essays and articles from authors across the Diaspora. The word ‘Mixtapes’ is familiar from hip-hop terminology and serves as a metaphor for sampling, rethinking, reuse and overwriting. The magazine opens multiple communication channels with multiple means of expression to answer multiple needs. It opens portals to re-imagine history, present and future with our own names, from ourselves and from our own experiences. The authors include e.g. Maryan Abdulkarim, Uwa Iduozee, Ndéla Faye and Verona Spence-Adofo. The articles are in Finnish and English.

Prize: 15 €
The magazine will be on sale from 5 June at, Ateneum shop, Nide & Harju 8

Part of the income is used to produce the next issue.

Ima Iduozee

Ima Iduozee is a Helsinki-born choreographer and director. His debut solo piece This is the Title, that gained international attention, was premiered at the 2012 URB festival and has since toured at 16 countries in Europe, Asia and North America. Iduozee’s choreographic works has been presented at Finnish National Opera, Finnish National Theatre as well as Stockholm and Helsinki City Theatres. In 2015, Finnish Critics’ Assosiation awarded him for the best artistic breakthrough of the year.

Iduozee is also known for the music videos he has directed to several artists such as Yeboyah, Isaac Sene, Malla and Madboia. In 2020, he scripted and directed the short film New Moon as a trailer for the Love and Anarchy Festival.

Ima Iduozee.
Ima Iduozee. Photo: Shoot Hayley.

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