/theatre.now 2016

An annual event for contemporary theatre and performance. The programme consists of lectures, discussions, workshops and performances.

  • 18.10.–21.10.2016

The annual /theatre.now event for contemporary theatre and performance is produced by Kiasma Theatre. This year’s edition is intertwined in seeing stage, mind and body from a contemporary psychoanalytic point of view. The programme consists of lectures, discussions, workshops and performances. This year’s programme is targeted both professionals and public.  A Belgian artist Sarah Vanhee will be performing her piece Turning, Turning.


Tue 18.10.
11am Lecture / Sami Santanen, Kiasma Theatre – free entry
Language: Finnish

14pm  Lecture / Aura Sevón & Heta Rundgren, Kiasma Theatre – free entry
Language: Finnish


Wed 19.10.
10am – 12 pm Lecture / Gustav Schulman: Psykoanalyysi ja ruumiillisuus tänään
Seminar room – free entry
Language: Finnish

11am – 12pm Lecture / Tero Nauha: Esityksen ajatus
Kiasma Theatre – free entry
Language: Finnish & English

14pm-16pm Workshop / Janina Rajakangas & Mira Kautto: Mind’s manifestation in a body during performance

This demonstrative workshop investigates how emotions and feelings manifestates in a body. It suggests one possibility to interpret the concept of embodiment. Since three years Janina Rajakangas has been working with this method of embodiment as a choreographer and a dancer.

The workshop consists of a short demonstration of the method and a workshop where the method is practiced with the participants. The workshop is directed for performing art professionals and students.

Language: Finnish, also in English if needed


Thu 20.10.
11am – 16pm Workshop / Niko Hallikainen: Writing workshop

Niko Hallikainen is specialized in writing about dance. This workshop is dedicated to the enrich mistakes of the language.

Language: Finnish

16pm Artist Talk: Sarah Vanhee (BE)
Kiasma’s Seminar Room – free entry
Language: English

Sarah Vanhee tells about her artistic work.


Fri 21.10.
11am – 13pm Artistic Talk, the title and participants will be announced later!
Kiasma Thetre – free entry (language: Finnish)

14pm & 19pm Performance / Sarah Vanhee (BE): Turning Turning
Kiasma Theatre, tickets 15/10e
Language: English
Duration: 45min.

Every moment countless thoughts, sensations, feelings are running through our mind and body. Some surface to our consciousness, most go by unnoticed. In Turning Turning, Sarah Vanhee tries to voice everything that is simultaneously going on in her consciousness. She empties her mind and mouth, and fills time with continuously changing meaning. In an attempt to capture the “now” in words, she challenges herself to talk ahead of her thoughts.

How to be the horse while riding? How to move in language like in dance? How to say what one “really” thinks, here and now? Turning Turning confronts questions concerning the very dynamism the human self is constructed by and constructing through language. In a dazzling tempo, words turn around words turn around words.

Sarah Vanhee’s artistic practice is linked to performance, visual art and literature. It uses different formats and is often (re)created in situ. More information: www.sarahvanhee.com

Concept & performance: Sarah Vanhee
Production: Manyone vzw
Thanks to Ragna Aurich, Thomas Kasebacher, CAMPO